Design to production


Lightforce Technology helps OEMs bring new products to market.


Concept and design

We start by understanding your product vision. From there, we will help you define or refine the requirements needed to achieve that vision.


We produce concept renderings so you can understand and validate our approach. From there we produce complete designs and vet them against your requirements.


We produce working prototypes at several stages, from early-phase prototypes to pre-production and test prototypes.


Through our understanding of real-world operating parameters, attention to design for manufacturability and thorough prototype testing, we ensure that your final design is a complete, ready-for-production system.


Beyond design, we provide light contract manufacturing to bring your new product to life. We’ll take care of everything – fabrication, inventory, quality control and more. With our in-depth knowledge of the design and experience gained through prototype testing, we ensure fast and cost-effective production. We can also manage the hand-off to your chosen manufacturer if you prefer.


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